Learn More About Our Reliable Tailor Shop in Vancouver, WA

J & Ree Fashions - Seamstress is a professional fully licensed tailor shop established in 1995. Our creations have been worn by numerous people across Vancouver, WA and our hard-working staff is always up for a new challenge. Who we are? What makes us different? Stay on this page and read below!


We Take Pride In Our Team

A company is only as good as its employees. Each tailor part of J & Ree Fashions - Seamstress is well trained and highly skilled professional in a variety of areas. Our bilingual staff is ready to help you add any piece of desired clothing to your wardrobe or make the needed alterations to your favorite garments. They listen actively to your requirements, take notes and get to work to provide you with a timely and exceptional service each time.

Why Place Your Trust in Us?

We have been the reliable tailor shop in Vancouver, WA for more than 20 years. We’ve probably altered the wedding gown of your daughter and embroidered the logos on your friend’s T-shirt. J & Ree Fashions - Seamstress has been there for many clients who were looking for a perfect fit and because we deliver great results on a consistent basis, we believe you should give our experts a chance.

Looking for an experienced tailor near you? Talk to our representatives at (360) 718-7284 and schedule an appointment today!